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Related post: Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 09:47:02 EDT From: Subject: revisiting-the-past-5This story is part 5 in a series which conatains adult fiction pthc acts of a sexual nature between young boys. This particular story is the 'Dark' chapter in the series, with how the story babyshivid pthc r ygold starts and continues. The backbone of the story is the fact that three of the boys are doing drugs and in some cases, tempting a fourth. I would like to take this oppertunity to teen best pthc say that drugs are bad and you should never do drugs, because its illegal and generally bad. Enough pthc fiction stories said, lets get going.Part 5: Four Guys Alone and StonedThe day started as normal. The sun rose over the urban streets of north east England. Newspapers were being delivered and dogs were being walked, as was the routine since anybody could remember. The morning rituals continued the same in the Banks' house. Usually Daniel and Mark would hit the bathroom together, but Daniel was sleeping at Steve's house leaving Mark to himself in the bathroom, which was something he appreciated, but always liked Daniel to be there. As he washed himself, he noticed something in the reflection of the mirror. He took a closer look, then turned to around to see a thin crack around one new illegal pthc of the tiles in their bathroom. It was high up, so he pulled pthc free photo hosting a chair pthc mixman from the bedroom and stood on it. Three months tits sexy young pthc have passed since we last visited the boys, and alot has changed, but their about to find out the same time as us. They lived the same lives on top, but underneath was a darker secret. Mark studied the tile some more, beore running his finger along the crack. When his finger slipped into the centre of the tile, he saw that it was loose. He wedged it out, revealing a small storage space, only about 5 cm by 5 cm pthc fisting by 6 cm, small but sufficient for what it held. Mark put his hand in a pulled out a small brown block which looked like a clump of mud, only it was like a stone. "Fuck" he thought to himself, "this better not be what pedo pthc forum I think it is." He was starting to worry about Daniel, he took the block and another three free pthc collection blocks the same, before putting the tile back. At first he looked closely at them, seeing one of them had been burned slightly, then he smelled them. The smell was overpowering, pthc colombian he coughed and put the block down, noticing that some of it had stuck to his finger. He put the four blocks in a small bag and his it behind their TV. He continued his day as normal, until the late afternoon when Daniel came home. pthcpics He went up to his bedroom, where Mark was waiting for him. "Hey Mark." He said in a good mood. "Daniel." "Yeh?" "What did you do at Steve's last night?" Mark asked. "Do you really need telling?" Daniel joked, putting on a clean shirt. "No, but I do need telling what the fuck this is." Mark said putting his hand behind the TV set. He pulled out the children pthc vids bag and emptied it on Daniel's bed. "What the fuck are video pthc you doing with that? Put it back right fuckin now!" Daniel cried in a whipser so his parents pthc sex igallery wouldn't hear. "What is it?" Mark said, grabbing hold of them before Daniel could. He had him right where he wanted him. "Just give them pthc file download back right now, for your own sake, man." His mood had calmed down, but not entirely. "Well I want to know what it is I'm giving back." "Promise russian 7 yo pthc not to tell?" Daniel asked. Mark repleid with a long nod. "Its blow, alright, drugs. Happy? Now give it back." He snatched the blocks out of Mark's hand, whihc was wide open with shock. "You can't tell anybody. Forget you even saw them, if you get caught with them I don't know what will happen." Even in this situation he was looking out for Mark. "Drugs?" Mark couldn't understand it. They'd been the very best of friends since Mark was born, and now here Daniel is on drugs. "Look Mark, its not the worst type of drugs OK. I don't do E or anything like that, I just smoke blow to relax me, nude cp pthc bbs nothing else, now just forget all about it." He looked into Mark's watery eyes and kids tops bbs pthc gave him a smile and a big hug. Mark was still shocked, but decided it would be best after all if pthc forum forum he forgot all about what he'd seen and been told. Daniel took him into the bathroom and filled the pthc hussyfan pictures sink with cold water. While it was filling up, he put the fucked pthc blow back in its hiding place and turned japanese pthc young bbs off the tap. "Mark, take your shirt off." He said, watching him peel it off. The bruise on Mark's stomach had gone completely, and Daniel took his head and dunked it in the ice cold water. Mark struggled to get out. "What the hell was that for?" He asked, freezing his nax off. "I'm trying to cp pthc pics get you to wake up, voodooboard pthc hardcore you look like the one whose stoned." Daniel joked, letting the water out and returning to the bed room. It was 5:00. "Listen, its still light out, you wanna play footy for a bit?" He asked, trying to get rid of what was obviously on Mark's mind. "Huh? pthc girls sex Oh, er, yeh." Mark replied. They got their boots pthc hussyfan proibida and went down to the park. On their journey to the pitches, they walked past an old wooden shed, supposedly haunted. Mark always liked looking in the filthy window to see if he could see the ghost. He looked in, putting his hands around his face to black out the sun. The shed was dark, he could just make out a pthc dee desi table, and above it, a glowing, orange light. The light seemed to get closer, then Mark saw a figure coming toward the window. He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him, until the figure approached the window and banged on it violantly. Mark backed off quickly and fell over. Daniel just laughed, it was only someone he knew from school who'd gone in livedoor futaba pthc for a smoke, they couldn't do it in public because there would always be somebody who knew them. They made their way over to the pitches and put their boots on. An hour later, they'd both forgotten about the afternoons events and were playing at the best of their ability, so good that they board cgi pthc bbs lost track of the time. It came round to 7:30, when it started to rain, when they realised that they should go home. They ran back to the house, and spent the rest of the night watching TV. When they went to bed, they stayed up talking like they did every night. "Danny," Mark started, "does Steve do drugs?" free pthc ptsc He couldn't get his reverse access pthc livedoor mind off the subject. "Can we come to an agreement? Don't call it "doing drugs", pthc watch lovers that makes it sound worse than it is, just pthc ilegal rapidshare say raunchy pthc "smoking blow", OK?" Mark agreed, and he answered the question. "Steve tried it for the first time last night." "Can...Can I try some now?" Mark stammered, but got the words out. "Are you sure about this?" Daniel asked, looking out for him. "You realise its illegal, if you get caught with it I don't know what will happen." He remembered back to being Mark's age, where whatever Matthew next door did was always cool, no matter what he did. Mark thought the same way abut Daniel now, he knew it would be a burden on him to know it was him that got him started on it should he continue doing it. Mark thought, before speaking, "Yes I'm sure, I want to try pthc photo bbs some now." Daniel got up and went into the bathroom. He got out one of the bits and went into a bootbag underneath his bed. He pulled out some normal fags, a packet of "Rizla" skins, and a lighter. "Mark come here, you'll have to hold it for me." Their parents were in bed by this time, so cp pthc board they'd have to be quiet. Daniel got a skin and split one of the fags in half. He poured the tobacco into the skin. "OK now Mark, hold this with oth hands." He passed it over to Mark, and took hold of the blow. He lit it, as it burned, peices broke off. russian model pthc nude He sprinkled the peices on, about ten of them. He took the contraption from Mark, and pressed it together before rolling it. He held the joint in his hand, pthc ahteens and started telling Mark the precidure. "OK, you know how to do this?" smiley's image board pthc This seemed a dumb question. "Yeh, well, kinda." Mark said. "Just breath it in and hold it back before breathing it out again, thats it. This one has alot of sprinkles in the middle so your going to get really stoned really quick with this one OK?" "Alright, alright, I get it. Just give it here." Daniel put it in his mouth to light it, then passed it over to Mark. Mark took it in his mouth and breathed in as hard as he could, coughing uncontrolably. He didn't even manage to keep it back. "That usually mirror pthc happens first time. Just take normal breaths in and out." Mark tried a second time, he managed it suprisingly well, but had to cough afterwards. "You want me teen porn pthc to take it now?" He asked holding his hand out. Mark just shook his head and pthc japan continued smoking it. He qwerty hussyfan pthc finished it a few minutes later, when he did, he was stoned out of his head. "OK, you just go sleep it off now, that was alot for a first time, alot for anybody actually." He was worried that with Mark being 10, and that being way too much for a first try, that when he closed his eyes he'd never open them again. That was just kds pthc pics nonesense, the next day started normally, waking up at a normal time, only today Mark's head was really banging. "So Mark," he said as they ate breakfast, "how was pthc cp kds it last night?" He made sure his parents didn't hear when he spoke. "Jesus, never again, I've got a killer head ache, I'm going to take it easy today." Mark said, finishing his breakfast quickly so he could run to the bathroom and plunge his head in ice cold water like the night before. He pulled his head out of the water almost pthc boy pic as soon as it had gone in, he felt as if his chest was about to impolde in the pthc mclt vicky freezing water. He looked into the mirror, images came to him that he had not imagined in a long time, a long time. His mind took him back to when he was three years old, it all felt so real. He'd fell into the garden pond and caught a mild hypothermia, he thought he might pthc img pic ray get it now, only the water wasn't that cold. He heard a knocking on his bathroom door, ignoring it, it came again, some what louder than before. Daniel burst into the room, he had the cheesiest grin on his face, not a good sign. "Hey Mark, guess what." He said, trying to hide something behind his back. "Me, and you are sleeping at Matthew's house tonight. Mam and dad are going out, his parents and Damien are going out with them, so that leaves only the three of us, cool huh?" Mark couldn't figure out why this was such a good thing. pthc one Daniel and Matthew had been good friends for years, they'd pthc imgboard r ygold slept at each others before, so what was the pthc daddy rapes daughter big deal. No doubt all was soon to kazz310 pthc be explained, but he couldn't wait for Daniel to tell him, he'd have to find out. Once pthc teens blog he was washed and dressed, he got Daniel's mobile out of his side drawer. He checked his voice mails, nothing unusual there. Then he checked his text messages, and found what he is looking for. "Hey Dan, I just got a few tenner bits in 4 tonight. R u sure Mark wont mind? -Matt" So thats what they pthc dark studio wer up to, getting stoned, both boys had been stoned plenty of times, why would tongiht be any different? All WAS explained that night... "OK, now you pedo pthc rompl boys be good, don't stay up too late." Mrs. Banks said as they sexy child pthc all left. "Make sure you two are in bed by ten, and do everything Matthew tells you." How could Daniel not, cgiworld pthc he was going to get wrecked. "Yeh mam, I heard." He said, hinting to them to leave. "Hey I just had an idea," Mr. Banks butted in, this usually wasn't a good thing, "Dan, why don't you call Steve see if he wants to stay over?" This was quite a good idea, considering it came from the man who found child labour the most amusing form of entertainment. "I'll do that now." He said running mclt pthc bs to the phone. His parents finally left when the phone was picked up. "Hello, is Steve there?" He listened a minute while Steve's brother called him down. "Hello." "Hey Steve, you wanna sleep over? Were at Matthew's house and pthc cp pedo bbs were gonna get plastered, you wanna come?" He had a million words for stoned, he was trying to see how many he could use. "Alright, I'll come over now." Steve said, calling to his mom to give him a lift. Steve had been living in England for two years now, it was starting to show on his accent. The American accent which made talking to him humerous, was fading into a north eastern english accent. He came round at 9:15, with a small bag of clothes. "Hey Steve, come in quick, we've been waiting for you." daniel said grabbing Steve's hadn. They thought it as natural to hold hands as to put your arms on someones shoulder. They went into the kitchen where Matthew was sat listening to some CDs playing catch with a teniis ball with Mark. "We were gonna start without you." He said turning the music down. "Come on, man, turn it back up, it was just getting good." Matthew said turning the volume back to how it was. "Right, now that were all here, lets get this part started. You staying around Mark, or fuckin off somewhere?" This was the moment that would decide Mark's near future, an outcast or not. "I think," he paused and pthc ranchi cutelitt looked at the three older boys looking at him, he didn't even recognise Daniel, "I think I'll stay." He said smiling at them. "Good one." Daniel said felixxx pthc iboard putting his arm around Daniel and taking him to one side. "Now Mark, you don't have to do this if you don't want to you know." Mark just nodded. "Alright, what'll we do first?" He said as they returned pthc gateways to the group. "Start as we mean to go on." Steve joked. Matthew went upstairs and brought down all kinds of junk, skins, tobacco, who is pthc vicky lighters, and the blow. "Alright, thats what I'm talking 'bout." Steve said putting on a 'brother' voice. "We need some chillin music, nothing pthc bbs baord fast." Matthew said, rumaging around a CD rack. "Perfect." He said, pulling out a Nirvana album. He put it on, and him and Daniel started rolling joints. Daniel's free pthc sites were a little fat, but Matthew's came out perfect, whenever Steve rolled one it always got fat in the middle, reporting pthc and nothing on the end, it was like a bomb. They spent an hour making them before they pthc fourm ran out of skins, and were desperately low on gwan. "I think that should do." Matthew joked. He picked one out of the pile, making sure it was well filtered, he didn't want anything in his mouth he didn't want there. They only put a few sprinkles in each one, so they wouldn't get wrecked too soon. While the three eldest were diving in, getting how many they could, Mark stood back and watched. He changed his mind at the moment, the only sensible one in the group. He ran out of the room, and sat infront of the wide screen TV to get it off his mind. He watched the end of Spin City, before Frasier came on. It was at the break when the three boys came in, all three stoned. Mark knew that things could get ugly pthc petite porn in this state, so he didn't refuse to give Matthew the remote. open f pthc Out of his mind, Matthew put the Preveiws on, the preveiws on the porn channel. As he watched, he was turned on by it and started to jack blatantly infront of the younger pthc bbs messageboard guys. This got them all going, new group pthc except Mark, who was staring at Matthew's dick with excitement. "Hey Mark, come over here." He said when he saw what Mark was doing. He went over, and Matthew grabbed his family nudist pthc arm, Mark was frozen with fear. Matthew put Mark's small hand on his dick, "You know what to do?" He said laughing. Mark couldn't help pthc webcam blowjob it, whether it was from fear or he wanted to, Mark jacked Matthew off, making him little pthc nudists cum all over. "Don't just stand there, lick it up." He ordered, again Mark didn't hesitate. He licked every last drop of the sweet cum, licking his lips afterwards. Matthew looked at him in question, saying "What are you waiting for?" With that, Mark dropped his trousers and boxers. He was excited, loguestbook,lols,pthc after knowing Matthew nearly all his life, there was a part to him that had never been let pthc modeling out in his company. There was always something hidden pthc img pic gold about his imgboard aaa cafe pthc character, it showed in everything he did, his walk, his run, his work and his play. As he stood there half naked, strong feelings grabbed his body, possessed it. He knwe tis file bot pthc wouldn't last very long until his came out dry. He got onto the other end of the sofa and waited for Matthew to lean over him. He expected to be jacked out, he closed his eyes and anticipated the moment. He was shocked when he felt a feeling felt only once before. He looked down to see Matthew's tongue working the base of his boyhood. Something rushed through his body at that moment, he was paralysed with pleasure; unable to move. Then Matthew put his mouth right round Mark's dick, so that none of it could be seen. His tongue worked around the head, while the pthc hentia rest of his mouth sucked it like a straw.Mark felt his legs shake, then his body spasmed, then it happened again. Matthew oughed and pulled his head back. Dripping from the side of his mouth, was Mark's first ever new pthc group cum. "Woah, is that mine?" Mark asked amazed. He had seen Daniel's and Steve's plenty of times before, but he'd never pthc shots done it himself. He dipped his fingers into the cum that dripped from his four incher. bbs jap repe pthc It was mixed with Matthew's spit, making it the best he'd ever tasted. Daniel ran over, confused and stoned. He knelt down and started kinder pussy pthc to lick Mark's crotch so there was no cum left. Then as Mark's dick went back to its normal size, he tried sucking out any that might not have come all the way out, unsuccessfully. "Hey Danny." Steve said in an amuzed voice. Daniel truned to see Steve with a rock hard boner. He went over pthc gigashare to Steve and put his arm around his neck while sitting down next to pthc sex child him. Daniel pulled his shirt off, then pulled the rest of his clothes off, watching Steve do the free nn pthc models same. They both sat on the carpeted floor, running their hands along each others smooth bodies. Daniel put his hand around Steve's dick, rubbing it cp pthc interbook voodoo hard and fast. Steve didn't last very long before he came all over himself. Daniel licked every last little bit up, pthc bbs gallery underground licking his lips afterwards, he was almost craving the taste. Then it was his turn to lie down and receive the treatment. Steve had other ideas, instead of jacking him straight away, he licked it up and down. Then he moved down to his balls, corressing both of them in his mouth. parent directory pthc He moved down to his right thy, then pedo childporn pthc cp his left, licking every square inch. He didn't go any lower down, pthc boardreader instead he got to his stomach, and to where his pubes russian loilita pthc were growing, licking pthc galleries vicky every bit of bare skin he could see. Then he went to his chest and arms, before spending a long time on the neck and face. Daniel was bandit fotoplenka mom pthc in heaven. He rooled him over, and stuck his mouth on Daniel's smooth backside, licking each cheek before diving right into the hole. His tongue moved around inside, making Daniel smile, alot. Then he finally got pthc moderator to the dick again. He jacked it with one hand, occasionally licking it, and played with his balls in the otehr. Daniel shot his load on his chest, stomach and face. Steve was about to lick it off, but Mark and Matthew came and beat him to it. All four boys were now naked in the living room. Matthew laid on the sofa, with Mark cuddled up to him, pthc swallow while Steve and Daniel stayed on the floor. Morning came, and it was only half an hour before their parents would be home. They had a big cleaning operation on their hands, and they were trying to get over the night before, not just being gaijin pthc on topic stoned.OK I admit, its not as good as I made it out to be, but I like it. Thoughts and cooments, always a pleasure.
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